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LionBytes Donor Newsletter

Our donors make our research possible!

The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology circulates an occasional newsletter that sums up recent work in Greece and on campus. We share these newsletters with our donors so that they can be sure their donations are being put to good use. Check out some of the back issues of LionBytes below:

Winter 2017

In this issue, you’ll find tidbits about recent work at Mycenae, an update on some doctoral dissertation work through the Nemea Center, museum news, a special holiday greeting, and more. Read the newsletter here.

fall 2014

Read up on work at Aidonia, Nemea, and Mycenae, the visits from the Minister of Culture and UNESCO, and more. Access the newsletter here.

Spring 2013.

A brief update regarding the Temple of Zeus, the Basilica, and the political climate in Greece. Follow this link to view or download the newsletter.

fall 2013

Work continues at the Temple of Zeus and plans for its future are discussed; new discoveries are made at Mycenae; the political climate in Greece escalates: read all about these topics and others here.

fall 2012

In this edition readers can enjoy news from students at Nemea and at the Nemean Games, a preview of a lovely new work in Greek literature, updates about the Euro crisis, and more. Read it all here..

fall 2011

The Temple Project, the Tunnel Project, Nemea Night, Students at Nemea, and the Euro Crisis. 2011 was a busy year, we hope you’ll read more about it here.

fall 2010

Looking for the hippodrome, the early history of Nemea and the hero shrine, distinguished visitors, excavations, and more! We hope you’ll enjoy the Fall 2010 installment of LionBytes.

summer 2010

In this edition we summarize the ongoing excavations at Nemea, discuss the temple’s reconstruction and the crew behind it, and provide some updates about land acquisition and the reorganization of the Nemea Center. Full issue here.

spring 2008

This issue is dedicated to the 2008 Nemean Games, conservation of the stadium tunnel, and announcing Dr. Kim Shelton as the Permanent Director of the Nemea Center. More here.

winter 2008

Past, present, and future work on the Temple of Zeus Reconstruction Project, exemplary supporters to the Nemea Center, Nemea Night 2007, and saying goodbye to a friend. Full issue here.

fall 2008

Dr. Robert Knapp offers an introduction to the Nemean Games and students and friends share their experiences of them. Fall 2008 edition here.

winter 2007

Past, present, and future work on the Temple of Zeus Reconstruction Project, exemplary supporters to the Nemea Center, Nemea Night 2007, and more. Read the full issue here.

fall 2007 (2)

In this issue, catch an update on the Nemea Center’s recent activities, engineering feats at the Temple of Zeus and the stadium tunnel, the Elios Society’s Hellenic charity ball, and more. Full issue.

fall 2007 (1)

In this brief edition we bring you news about important progress toward stability for the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology. Read the full message here.

Summer/fall 2007

Director Kim Shelton checks in with a brief note on the summer’s work in this edition. Read the full update here.

summer 2007

Nemea gets media attention and a lovely message from student Abbey Turner. Read the full issue here.