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Current Projects

On the field and off, we’re working hard all year long 

Excavation, conservation, investigation, and publication are currently in the works ->

The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology operates three field projects in Greece and an excavation archive on the U.C. Berkeley campus.

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  • The Tombs of Aidonia Preservation, Heritage, and ExplOration Synergasia (TAPHOS)
  • Study, conservation, and public presentation of finds from the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea
  • Study, conservation, and publication of the Late Bronze Age workshop and residential building, Petsas House at Mycenae
  • Digitization of archival material on campus

In the field

The panhellenic sanctuary of zeus at nemea

At the Sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea, our efforts focus primarily on the study and conservation of previously excavated materials from the sanctuary, including the “hero shrine” and the Hellenistic stadium. 

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The Tombs of Aidonia Preservation, Heritage, and ExplOration Synergasia (TAPHOS) is a cooperative effort between the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology & the Corinthian Ephorate of Antiquities of the Greek Ministry of Culture under the direction of Kim Shelton and Konstantinos Kissas. 

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petsas house, mycenae

Current work focuses on the close study and conservation of artifacts recovered during the 2000-2013 excavation seasons, especially the pottery and ceramic small finds.

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On Campus

U.C. Berkeley undergraduate students keep the magic of archaeology alive throughout the academic year by working for the Nemea Excavation Archives. Students work on digitizing old slides, notebooks, and drawings as well as updating and archiving new ones. Students work with the director, Dr. Kim Shelton, to respond to requests made by outside scholars, to prepare material for publication, and to responsibly curate the archival collection housed here.



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