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Get To Know Our Team

It takes a village

Our team includes an interdisciplinary crew that gravitates around a core group of faculty and specialists.

With three active research projects, a museum/study center in Greece, an on-campus archive, and a host of students and researchers using facilities in both countries, the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology could not function without each member of its talented team.

Members include faculty from U.C. Berkeley, Butler University, and Appalachian State University, as well as graduate students from U.C. Berkeley, local residents of the Nemea area, and undergraduate field school students from several institutions.

Meet the director

Dr. Kim Shelton is the Director of the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology. Dr. Shelton oversees operations in the field in Greece as well as on campus in Berkeley. Over the past decade, she has assembled a dynamic team of researchers and students to help the Center fulfill its ongoing mission of research, teaching, and learning.

Kim Shelton (PhD University of Pennsylvania) is Associate Professor of Classics and the Graduate Group in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology (AHMA). She is an Aegean prehistorian with interests in domestic architecture, ceramic production and economy, and religious ritual. She is the author of several publications on Mycenaean pottery, figurines, cemeteries, the Tsountas House Area of the Cult Center, and her excavation at Petsas House, Mycenae. At Cal, she advises undergraduate and graduate students throughout their careers in the department (and beyond!) and she has offered many popular courses. Some crowd favorites include courses about mythology, Greek sanctuaries, the Trojan War, Greek vase painting, Indiana Jones and the Elgin Marbles, Mycenae, the art & archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age, and an Introduction to Greek Archaeology. 

Advisory Committee

The Nemea Center relies on its experienced Advisory Committee for bringing the Center’s research and teaching goals to fulfillment.

meet the advisory committee

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Field Team



Dr. Kim Shelton



  • Associate Professor of Classics
  • Director of the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology
  • Director of research and excavations at Nemea, Aidonia, and the Petsas House at Mycenae
  • Visit Dr. Shelton’s full profile

Dr. lynne kvapil

assistant director


Dimitris sakkas



  • Representative of the Corinthian Ephorate
  • Independent Researcher

Maria Dimitrakopoulou



  • Lead conservator: Nemea, Aidonia, Petsas House
  • Independent Researcher


kostas chronis



  • Topography
  • Digital documentation: Nemea, Aidonia, Petsas House



Dr. gypsy price



  • Lead biological anthropologist: Nemea, Aidonia, Petsas House
  • Archaeological scientist specializing in isotopic analyses



dr. stephanie kimmey



  • Registrar & apotheke manager: Nemea Archaeological Museum
  • Field Supervisor: Nemea, Aidonia, Petsas House



dr. effie Athanassopoulos



  • Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Medieval ceramics from Nemea, Aidonia, NVAP
  • Visit her full profile




Dr. Jackie Meier


DR. emily egan


dr. Jon Frey


dr. Christian cloke



dimitris karaiskos




david wheeler

u.c. berkeley graduate student



belisi gillespie

u.c. berkeley graduate student



dimitris papadas

Field team



christodoulos papantoniou

field team

christian hall

u.c. berkeley graduate student

kassie demopoulos

field team

sophie cushman

u.c. berkeley graduate student

liz keyser

u.c. berkeley graduate student

mateo chronis

field team

panagiotis chiotis

field team

Anthi Nikitakou

field team


panagiotis sotiropoulos

field team




bekah mckay

u.c. berkeley graduate student




ryan culpeper

u.c. berkeley graduate student




phantom falcon

field team