Updates from the Grave of the Griffin Warrior


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Many of you will remember the fun and informative lectures given by Dr. Jack Davis during the 2019 Sather Lecture Series. Just before his tenure at U.C. Berkeley, in 2015, Davis co-directed (with Sharon Stocker) the excavation of an incredible Mycenaean shaft grave near the Palace of Nestor at Pylos.  Although the excavation of the tomb has been completed, the study and analysis of the myriad finds contained within the tomb are ongoing. Stocker and Davis have been able to show how many of the most impressive finds, prestigious items crafted in luxury materials, were deliberately chosen to accompany the inhumed warrior. Their most recent publication can be accessed here:  An Early Mycenaean Wanax at Pylos? On Genii and Sun-Disks from the Grave of the Griffin Warrior. If you are interested in learning even MORE about the finds, you’re in luck. Due to COVID-19, three publications in the periodical Hesperia about the Griffin Warrior are currently available for FREE on JSTOR:


?The Lord of the Gold Rings: The Griffin Warrior of Pylos –

?The Gold Necklace from the Grave of the Griffin Warrior at Pylos –

?The Combat Agate from the Grave of the Griffin Warrior at Pylos –


Davis and Stocker are still at work! They are currently working on the excavation of two tholos tombs, just around the corner from the Griffin Warrior shaft grave. Stay tuned for lots more exciting news from this University of Cincinnati team!


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