UDAR visits Nemea



The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology is back in Greece for its first full field season since 2019! We’re inaugurating our season in a number of ways: we’re conducting a museum study season in Mycenae, we’re gearing up for fieldwork in Nemea, we’re welcoming back old team members, training new team members, and preparing for the arrival of the field school students in a couple of weeks. Last week we were also thrilled to welcome Julie M. Hooper, Vice-Chancellor of University Development and Alumni Relations at UC Berkeley, to ancient Nemea. Dr. Shelton and Julie toured the ancient panhellenic sanctuary together and discussed opportunities for collaboration and outreach in the future. Thanks for the visit, Julie, we cannot wait to have you back soon and to connect again on campus!

Thanks also to Nemea Center alum Marvin Morris for connecting us!

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