Ancient Nemea to receive EU Heritage Label



Last month the European Commission awarded the European Heritage Label to 12 sites that have played a significant role in the history and culture of Europe and the building of the European Union. Independent experts from across Europe recommended 12 sites out of 21 pre-selected sites  in participating Member States under the 2021 EU Selection. This year, Ancient Nemea joins the elite ranks of sites awarded this prestigious title and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

According to the award rationale, the site of Ancient Nemea is a complex of well-preserved and exhibited archaeological remains. As one of four panhellenic sanctuaries, it also played an important role in the performance and development of sporting traditions and education. The Hellenistic-era stadium is a well-preserved example of stadium construction that honors athletes and spectators alike. Moreover, the modern revival of the Games reflects fundamental European values such as equality, social inclusion, and peaceful coexistence.

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