Recent Updates from the Nemea Center Team!


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Dr. Stephanie Kimmey, registrar at the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Nemea, recently engaged in a virtual conversation with Dr. Theodora B. Kopestonsky for the Contingent Faculty Series Blog on the Society for Classical Studies website. The conversation (which can be read here) started with early inspirations in the field of Classics, but focused especially on the less-than-traditional path that Dr. Kimmey followed to her new job at Colorado College. Congratulations on the new job and on sharing your journey with others, Stephanie!



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Dr. Kim Shelton, Director of the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology, participated in a 2-day event in celebration of the centennial anniversary of British excavations at Mycenae. Between Thursday, September 30th and Friday, October 1st, several distinguished speakers participated in ‘Celebrating the Centenary of British Excavations at Mycenae | Remembering Alan Wace & Elizabeth French.’ Dr. Shelton’s contribution focused on the impact of the British School at Athens’ work at the site and how it continues to this day – 100 years later. The lecture was dedicated to the late Dr. Elizabeth French, Dr. Shelton’s mentor and friend. Many of Dr. French’s friends and family members offered memories and anecdotes throughout the proceedings. We can’t wait to see what the next century brings to Mycenae!



[pbs_component_photo title=”Sophie Cushman” image_id=”904″ text=” Classical Archaeology Ph.D. Candidate” /]

Graduate student Sophie Cushman was recently awarded the Emily Townsend Vermeule fellowship to participate in the American School of Classical Studies’ graduate student program (generally referred to as the “regular year”) in Greece! Sophie will spend the year traveling throughout Greece alongside graduate students from several U.S. universities as well as a global community of scholars. Congratulations, Sophie!


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