“Skeleton Crew” 2021


[pbs_component_photo title=”Pictured above (from left): Madolyn Hyytiainen-Jacobson, Sophie Cushman, Dr. Stephanie Kimmey, Liz Keyser, Dr. Kim Shelton, and David Wheeler” image_id=”2023″ /]

We’re back in the field… sort of! 

We are back in the field at the prehistoric cemetery of Aidonia with our “skeleton crew” (hehe, see what we did there?). This summer, travel and health concerns precluded us from launching a full-blown excavation season, but we needed to send a small crew into the field to wrap up some unfinished business and make sure the site is cleaned and ready for visitors. We are grateful for the participation of our local team members: Dimitris Sakkas, Dimitris Karaiskos, Panagiotis Chiotis, Kostas Chronis, and Maria Dimitrakopoulou as well as those of us from U.C. Berkeley! Record-high temperatures on top of ongoing health and safety protocols have made this season somewhat more subdued than usual, so we certainly look forward to the day where we can bring a full team again.

In addition to working on site at the prehistoric cemetery of Aidonia, we are also busy at work in the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Nemea and carrying out some final analyses for an upcoming publication (more on that later, stay tuned) and working on augmenting our virtual 3D library


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