Dr. Shelton delivers keynote address at international conference



Pictured above: A compilation image of Dr. Shelton’s PowerPoint presentation, featuring an aerial view of the Cult Center at Mycenae.

Time and technology were no barrier to Dr. Shelton’s successful delivery of a keynote address.

On Wednesday, June 23rd 2021, Dr. Kim Shelton delivered the keynote address at the the 8th Conference in Aegean Archaeology, hosted by the Department of Aegean and Textile Archaeology at the University of Warsaw in Poland. Due to ongoing travel restrictions resulting from the global pandemic, the conference had to be carried out in a virtual format this year. Even though we all probably feel like pros at online lectures and activities by now, time zones and internet connectivity issues still interfere with such presentations on a regular basis. Despite the major difference in time zones between Berkeley and Warsaw, however, Dr. Shelton was able to successfully deliver her lecture titled “Accessing Mycenaean Cult: Inside and Outside the Palatial Context” to an international and highly specialized audience.

Dr. Shelton was able to discuss some of her recent work connected to Mycenaean religion, especially that which will be featured in the forthcoming fascicule of Well Built Mycenae dedicated entirely to the excavations of Tsountas House in the Cult Center at Mycenae. She highlighted aspects of iconography, architecture, portable material culture, and the limited textual evidence available to us in order to bring together the various points of access to Mycenaean ‘religion’ that are available to us and help us think about how they fit together and how we might continue to explore them in the future.

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