Thank you to all our friends, donors, and students for celebrating Nemea Night 2019 with us!


Nemea Night 2019

Another year in the books! Most of you are well aware by now that each December the Nemea Center hosts a big event to which we invite our friends, fans, colleagues, donors, staff, and students. During the event, the Nemea Center Director, Dr. Kim Shelton, shares images and stories of our progress during the preceding year. The past few years have been VERY exciting – the team’s work at the Mycenaean cemetery of Aidonia has really fleshed out our knowledge of burial practices during the Late Bronze Age. Plus, ongoing work with collections from the panhellenic sanctuary of Zeus at Nemea provides opportunities for advanced researchers and undergraduate students to work with previously excavated finds from a variety of time periods.

Pictured above: Dr. Kim Shelton, Director of the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology (left) and Dr. Elizabeth Langridge-Noti (U.C. Davis). We can’t wait for Nemea Night 2020!

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