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Nemea Excavation Archives (Berkeley)

The Nemea Excavation Archives are housed in 7125 Dwinelle Hall, in the Classics Department, on the University of California, Berkeley campus. The Archive is accessible for scholarly study by advanced request to the Director of the Nemea Center.

The collection contains the following items:

  • Photocopied Excavation Notebooks
  • Photocopied Inventory Cards and digitized Database
  • Original Architectural Drawings
  • Black and White Negatives
  • Color Slides
  • Copies of Nemea Publications
  • And other limited resources

Inquires about access or materials may be sent to: Director Kim Shelton at: (September to May). Telephone: 510-642-4416. Mailing Address: Nemea Archives, Department of Classics, Dwinelle Hall #2520, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-2520.

 All materials from this site are copyrighted. Materials may be used with permission upon request.



Requests must be made in writing by regular mail, fax, or email to the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology before permission will be granted for reproduction use. Requests must include the form below with ALL information, which is relevant to the request, and sent to:

Director Kim Shelton
Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology
7233 Dwinelle Hall--m/c 2520
Berkeley, CA 94720-2520
Fax (state clearly on cover sheet that the fax is destined for the Nemea Center):
(510) 643-2959


Fees include permission to license image and obtaining a reproduction print or high resolution digital file.  All fees are for one-time, non-exclusive use in the body of print publications. Reuse in a new edition is considered a separate use and is subject to an additional fee.  Decisions on all requests are at the discretion of the Director of the Nemea Center. 

  1. Study/Personal Use - NO PUBLICATION RIGHTS GRANTED: $10 per image
  2. Non-personal Use



University & Non-profit


Commercial Publishers &




black/white color        
$25 $50 $50 $100
Books $25 $50 $50 $100
Dust jackets $50 $100 $100 $200
Commercial advertising To be negotiated
Video production To be negotiated
CD-ROM or website

 To be negotiated




Advance payment is required for all orders.  No order will be fulfilled until payment is received by the Center. 

By check:  Check drawn on a US bank in US dollars.  The Center cannot accept payment in foreign currency.  Checks should be made payable to: Regents of the University of California--Nemea.  

By Credit Card:  Payment by credit card may be done by giving a donation to the Nemea Center in the amount of the fee(s) owed.  Go to  Follow the instructions for making a donation.  Enter the relevant amount in the ‘Amount’ box on the first page of the donation process.  The donation must be in the exact amount of fees owed.  Send with your permissions request either (1) a printout of the final webpage of the donation process showing the donation was made or (2) a printout of the receipt for the donation you will receive from Berkeley via email.   US customers please note: a donation to the Center in return for images is NOT considered a donation for IRS purposes because you have received goods in return for the donation.  

All fees listed on the accompanying Schedule of Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Center.

Acceptance of Orders:  Orders for reproduction of materials in the Nemea Archive are accepted at the discretion of the Director of the Nemea Center.   The Center reserves the right to refuse any order.

Fulfillment of Orders:  Orders will be filled as time and staffing permits (usually two to three weeks).  Large orders may take longer to process. The Center works to the best of its ability to fill orders in a timely and efficient fashion.  Publishing deadlines must be made known up-front and agreed to by the Center in advance. Rush service is not available. 

Shipping:  Shipping costs are included in the Schedule of Fees.  Photographs and digital images will be shipped via the US Postal Service.  Expedited shipping is available at the patron’s expense. 

Digital images can, of course, be sent via email as well.

Use of Reproductions:  Photographs or digital images may be used only for the purpose stated in the original application and agreed to by the Center.

Credit lines:  The basic credit line “University of California, Berkeley, Nemea Excavation Archives, no. PD xx.x” must appear in conjunction with each image reproduced. Any additional information must be added to the basic credit line. Each image must be credited separately on the same page as the image, or on the facing page. Any changes made to the appearance of the original item, such as cropping, superimposition, tinting, retouching, digital enhancement must be indicated in the accompanying caption or label.

Copyright:  Complying with copyright law is ultimately the responsibility of the author, producer and publisher.  Publication or display of photographs without permission of the Nemea Center may constitute copyright infringement.

One complimentary copy for each printed publication in which photographic reproductions appear shall be furnished to the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology.




Contact Person

(name of person/organization making the request)    ____________________________________________________

Address of contact person/organization                   ____________________________________________________

Email of contact person/organization                       ____________________________________________________

Author's name (may be same as contact person)     ____________________________________________________

Title of the publication (when applicable)                ____________________________________________________

Publisher's name (when applicable)                        ____________________________________________________

Title of journal in which image will apear

(when applicable)                                                   _____________________________________________________

Anticipated publishing date (when applicable)       _____________________________________________________


ID# of the image, if known.  Otherwise

please include a bibliographic reference

to a publication in which the image

appears (e.g., Nemea 1 fig. 73) or other

reference which will allow the exact

image desired to be identified.                   ______________________________________________________

Type of image requested (print or digital)            ______________________________________________________

Size requirements (for prints only)                      ______________________________________________________

Resolution requirements (#of pixels) and

format for digital images (JPEG, TOFF, etc)        ______________________________________________________