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Locker Room


APODYTERION (Locker Room) 


Above: Apodyterion during excavations with Krypte Esodos behind from the West.


This structure is the small building to the west of the stadium outside of the west end of the tunnel where the athletes undressed and prepared for competition. This building allowed athletes to prepare not only their bodies by the application of oil, but also to separate themselves from the jeering/cheering crowds of spectators and focus on the upcoming competition. This building is positioned in such a way that one must pass through it to reach the Krypte Esodos (Stadium Tunnel), thus giving it the function of gateway to the stadium for contestants. When the time came, they would proceed through the Krypte Esodos into the stadium.


Above: Apodyterion from above the Krypte Esodos (Southeast)

Above: Tile with Sosikles Stamp [AT 324]


The tiles from this building tell us an interesting story regarding the civic government of Argos. Many tiles have a stamp bearing the name Sosikles in one form or another. Instead of being interpreted as the manufacturer's mark, it was found through documentary sources that during the time of construction a man named Sosikles was the official architect of the city state. This stamp indicates the contractor for whom the tiles were made.

This information originated on Professor Emeritus S.G. Miller's archived website