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Nemea Center




                                                           University of California, Berkeley -- Nemea, Greece 

The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology is a research unit within the Department of Classics at U.C. Berkeley. Our research includes archaeological excavation in Greece, close-study of artifacts in the Nemea Archaeological Museum, digital archive work on campus, and various related research projects in Nemea and its surrounding areas. Learn more about us here!


U.C. Berkeley's BIG GIVE (the annual fundraising blitz) takes place this Thursday, March 14 (which also happens to be Pi Day)! Won't you help the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology provide undergraduate and graduate students with first-hand excavation experience in Greece? Your support could change the career path of an aspiring archaeologist, teacher, researcher, or anthropologist. Click here to donate!

Nemea Center in the News:
The Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology's current excavations at Aidonia, under the direction of Dr. Kim Shelton, have recently been highlighted in Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ. The article stresses the importance of our project in light of the site's long history of looting and illicit activities. Current efforts aim not only to recover the site's history in a responsible way, but also to strengthen community involvement and awareness as well as build a culture of stewardship and local pride. Check out the full text here [in Greek].

We finished off 2018 with a bang! Aidonia appeared in the #3 spot in the National Herald's Top 2018 Archaeological Finds. Check out the full article here.

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